I started using KDE 4.0 from about a week after it was released as i was fed up of kde 3 (vanilla,not kdemod) and those days KDE was full of bugs,including file conflicts ,library problems and many more.but after sometime (about 4 months) KDE was better and my opinion is now it can be used for daily work!

These are snapshots of my desktop , 


When switching from desktop (1st one ,it’s a rotating cube) to other using compiz-fusion!   (Zoom)                  


Some other effects. (Zoom)


Best Alt+Tab window switcher! (clearer than others)  (Zoom


When a window is clicked and hold (the window bar) the                                                                         transparency increase (Zoom)

6 thoughts on “KDE 4.1 BETA”

  1. hey!!!!
    haha like the photos!
    tux is sooooooo cute!!!!
    i wanna penguin for a pet :DDD
    hmm wats a KDS?
    lol i ddnt get a lot of it cos im not computer intuned 😛
    youll have to explain haha

  2. it’s not KDS it’s KDE K Desktop Environment http://www.kde.org ,The desktop,graphical system(all the taskbar,menus ,etc(ex:- the menu like start menu in windows)

  3. ado… why cant anyone post on your blog? It will be much more popular if you allow people to post stuff about their experience on linux

  4. not a bad idea ,i think it would be better if i make another blog and tell the people to post articles to it! but there are problems!
    the best way is creating own blog

  5. YAko!!!! you aren’t posting anything new. Monawada yajo karanne? i checked back for information on open source. mokuth nehene!

    By the way can you give me your username and passord? 🙂
    I want to add content to this blog too. I have some stuff about open source and I think it will be a better idea to work together with someone rather than just opening a new blog by myself.

  6. hmmmm mahela that can lead to giving my mail accounts password!so i cant do that but i’ll make a new blog and give that to u!

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