My GNU/Linux usage timeline

I started using the computer really in grade 9 (2006)which had Win 98 after some time 98 got it’s file system damaged and i was a total geek those days and finally i was told that formatting the hard drive Will be the solution and i did in the geekiest way with imagined commands (most were success).Finally when i completed that i had to find drivers,in this way i changed to Xp and i got to know about Linux and i managed to find CDs and install Linux including OpenSuse,Ubuntu,Knoppix,etc.I didn’t have real understanding using GNU/Linux and I switched to windows until i got the ADSL Internet connection.Then I downloaded knoppix and Redhat.After that I installed redhat which unfortunately haven’t got good driver support 😦 .After this incident i was finding a person who know using GNU/Linux and found Yasith (his blog) and as a bonus I also met his twin brother Rajith (his Blog) Their suggesion was installing Debian.I installed Debian accepting their suggesion.Debian was easy to use than other distros.(when installing it in GUI) and was the most stable distro I ever met.After using debian for about 3 months (in last year) Yasith told me that he’s going to use Archlinux.After hearing that i immidiately downloaded Archlinux and started installing without a guide.That was the most craziest thing done when installing Archlinux.Finally i obtained the bginner’s guide (Beginner’s guide) and it was easy as a pie with a guide (got assistance from Yasith) still i’m running Archlinux.

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