Tux the Archer on Lap

About 3 weeks or a month ago I recieved a Toshiba L300-1AS laptop.See this page to get full list of specifications.After I got the laptop from in a morning first I just see work of the laptop and did some exploration.The most freaking part is that Windows Vista is worse than I expected as well as the OEM installation is full of bloatware (as i heard most people say) anyway after doing some work with it I was planning to install GNU/Linux which i had been planning even before the laptop’s arrival.So as Ubuntu is usually ok for easy installation ,etc I got a kubuntu CD (kubuntu has KDE instead of GNOME) and booted with it then for surprise X-server wasn’t working correctly,and I later found that it’s a problem with graphics driver which mean the configuring  tool didn’t got my graphics (intel) correctly so after several tries I gave up and then I got an Archlinux CD to install Archlinux which is my favourite GNU/Linux distro and installed Arch flawlessly within 15~ minutes (base installation) and I put the laptop to download the required things of me like KDE,etc and slept.On the next day’s morning I got the downloads done and configured X-server and started kde without any problem to my pleasure.On the same day I reinstalled arch but this time 64bit version which seems almost like 32bit version,however there are packages missing due to problems with the 64bit build of them ,anyhow I managed to get work done!Actually i didn’t knew that installing GNU/Linux in the laptop will be this ease as in laptops there are many manufacture specific things ,etc but i managed it! Now my laptop is free of Vista, a useless Operating System and I replaced the vista sticker with a sticker printed by me after finding the image of arch case sticker which you can buy from schwag of archlinux and did some gimping to get it to size I wanted and printed in photo quality to a sticker paper and did single side lamination.I managed to do quite impressive work with the laptop also I can prove big windows fans the power,flexibility and almost (I think no need of this)security invulnerebility of GNU/Linux!!!.Here i will add some images of the laptop when installing packages in Terminel (command line) of arch and some pictures after I got gui and I have latest snapshots which show the new release.

Before Vista removal!

After Vista removal and archlinux installed while downloading packages

After vista removal and on Archlinux

4 thoughts on “Tux the Archer on Lap”

  1. Archlinux is another distro but needs configuring everything and u’ll be given only base installation and u hav to do other tuff, but it’s not that difficult and you can optimise your installation as you want and it cause faster system! and refer wiki.archlinux.org for beginners guide and thats a very good guide but you will need downloads about 500 MB o have kde OOo,etc but it’s a bit of fun and it caused my typing speed increased 😀

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