Ktechlab II

After I had the highest number of visits to the blog after original post on Ktechlab post as well as to comply some requests, I’m now going to talk on some more features and demo work in Ktechlab just after a new release of Ktechlab with some bug fixes.This time I’ll show some more work done in Ktechlab thanks to the bug fix which fixed the issue that cause Ktechlab crash when I add a PIC MCU as a component and give the assembly file.However this later release fixed it causing me to retry some experiments I had to stop.The first thing is that in circuit view you can give any assembly file written for a device supported in GPSIM which Ktechlab uses and also you can write programs in C with SDCC syntax (there are difference between C,C++ and SDCC in syntax and keywords) which is supported by SDCC.That compiled file can be converted to assembly and used in circuit view.But unfortunately the flow coding part lacks many MCU’s , it just support 3 MCU’s so I recommend to hard code rather than using flow coder because even without Ktechlab you can program.Just for your information, I didn’t know to code in C language in the time of writing the original post,but as i learnt some Java I hooked into a C++ tutorial and got some understanding in C++ causing hard coding easy and now I’m practising more to code in C so i can give up flow coder.Although I’m almost giving up flow coder, it may be the best way to start micro controller programming as it was my rescue for months!

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