Rits Super Science Fair 2009

This science fair was hosted by Ritsumeikan Senior high school and affiliated universities .For the first time Sri Lanka participated in the fair, and I’m one of the three participants.The fair was organized for the 7th consecutive year and we could see the organizing capabilities of the organizers.From the opening ceremony till closing ceremony, we could see the work done by everybody involved.The participants had to participate several activities which were chosen by the participants before. Science Zone, Science World can be considered as the best of the activities.In science world there are several choices, from biodiversity to robotics.In the robotics section we were first given a lecture whether artificial cultures exist or not, then we could interact with the Aibo, the robot dog manufactured by Sony (The production is stopped by the company).The aibo could show emotions based on the commands we give and it showed the complexity of the design.Later in the science Zone i chose robot zone which was on programming Lego Mindstorm NXT.In the latter part of the activity we had to make a robot which can navigate a dark line and the robot with shortest time was considered as the fastest.I lead the Team A consisting of four people and i did programming and some of the assembly of the robot.Only 3 teams of 9 could navigate the course and my team got the highest speed leading for victory !

Here is an image of the competition, I’m in the leftmost of the image while Mr.Kobeyashi of Ritsumeikan is in the middle.The robot is on the track running!

Image of receiving the award!

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