“An Invention is something new and useful !”

Being one of the simplest definitions for inventions , it speaks out the most basic and required feature of an invention, being a new idea which is a solution for a problem while it serves the human kind in good or bad way. For most people inventions sounds like that they are one of the most exceptional things that exist in the earth, But for the surprise of many,  they are all around us !!!. From eraser attached pencil to ball point pen, from simplest carbon filament lamp to xenon discharge lamp or L.E.D. lamps and the first television with rotating disks to make the image to plasma projection televisions are just a handful of common inventions around us ! Therefore inventions are not exceptional or rare or something magical, but the idea of the invention is exceptional as without being exceptional that idea isn’t new and innovative.

The second important feature of an invention should be that it is serving us while it performs better than the previous technique, method or the system for the purpose. A good example is light bulb which revolutionized the human race by replacing dangerous and polluting kinds of flames from basic candle to gas lamp. Another example is the ball point pen. It stopped ink spills, usage of blotting paper and caused increased writing speeds.

While making the invention, the ability to be multi purpose will perform better as packing several things in one isn’t easy though the output is huge from such inventions. The swiss army knife or personal computer are two of the best examples for being multipurpose devices. Therefore being multipurpose is also a good feature of an invention though it is not compulsory.

People expect many things from an invention, including previously described features and marketing aspects, costs, etc. But I would like to point out a less discussed morally important aspect of an invention, “whether it helps the human to live better or destroy better”. The amazing thing is that both can be done from an invention while some are intended for one aspect. Still the invention can be used to help or destroy humans and environment. Therefore this is something not included in the idea of invention but way the user expect to use it. As an example rocket propulsion can be used for entertainment like fireworks and devastation like nuclear missiles. Therefore the biggest responsibility in using something is that it helps the human kind in a good way not the other way!.

Finally I think you can understand that inventions are things around us made for our ease. In addition they help us to perform our task better than we did earlier. But for inventors or creative thinkers, making one can be easy consuming several hours or difficult which even consuming our whole lifetime. Thats why Thomas Alva Edison who experimented more than 1000 types of materials for the best filament in making the electric bulb told,

“Genious if one percent inspiration, ninty-nine percent perspiration”.

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