Dreamfactory – API Automation!

I came across Dreamfactory while I and a colleague of mine were searching for a REST API for PHP. In summary, this framework simplified a lot of setting up and development time! Specially this is an open source project and has enterprise support.

The most valuable feature I saw is ability to connect to almost all major database types and automatically generate the REST API calls. On top of that, this system offers role based authentication and a lot of features.

What you can do with Dreamfactory;

  • Connect to a database and get all necessary REST calls
  • User management, role based authentication, application level access control
  • Custom server side scripting with v8JS, PHP, Node.JS, Python
  • Auto generated API documentation with “try now” option (Based on swagger)

Setting up this framework need some practice and experience with the command line, however following the wiki articles will certainly do the job.

Performance : not so much! Depending on the server, the time to process a REST call may take up to a half a second or more.

You can try Dreamfactory on their trial accounts or you can clone the Git repo and set it up on a local machine or a hosted server.

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